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The Harris Teeter website is stuffed with helpful links and discount offers, like double manufacturer coupons and the e-VIC program,.You would have thought the way they all acted, that I was doing something wrong.Nobody should discard their rainchecks until this all gets sorted out.Earthbound coupons have not doubled since they were sold, six months or more.Is the mega double event going to be in virginia or just in nc and sc.While I was getting rainchecks during the triples event the guy helping me at customer service did mention that doubles were going to happen again in a few weeks.

I try to consider it a bonus, but would never change my loyalty to the one grocery store that easily gives me the most savings and best customer service.Now my goal is to make couponing easy and fun for everyone to save at least 50% off their household needs every week.

The coupon listed for the New York Tortilla Strips is incorrect.Community Coffee is having a good deal this week at Harrris Teeter.Harris Teeter Special e-Vic deals will vary by area but these deals were in my email last night and were too good to not share.

Harris Teeter refused it this morning, stating that it did not match.It is probably because there are variations base on your region.Do they go by the actual price paid or what the regular price would have been.

I would not find a Harris Teeter Gift Card tacky, or impersonal.

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Save With 3 Harris Teeter coupons, coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts in September 2017.

I wish I lived closer to a store or could figure out a reason we need to take a road trip.Content tagged with Harris Teeter. What is a Catalina Coupon.

I also used the 75-cent printable coupon for a large DD creamer (in the refrigerated section) along with the same coupon on my VIC card to get the large creamer for not-so-much.Manager called me back and he sounded like I was alot of trouble.In any case I have over 50 rain checks from as long ago as 2004.

Pleasant area) as well, Super Doubles at my HT Sunday-Tuesday.

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You used to be able to, but they just recently changed this policy like last week.Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons. (each e-vic customer is responsible for adding the e-vic coupons.

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